12 Week Training Program
12 Week Training Program
12 Week Training Program

12 Week Training Program

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Do you want to build a solid strength foundation without breaking the bank and wasting precious time?

If the answer is YES then this program is for you! When you sign up today you will have immediate access to the ACTUAL workouts that helped me to develop my training foundation.

Key Points

  • Aimed to increase muscle mass
  • Improve joint health
  • Adaptable workouts to suit you
  • Perfect for novice/intermediate fitness enthusiast 

Training Points

  • Speed work 
  • Low volume 
  • Accommodating Resistance 
  • High intensity
  • 5 Day Training Split

Important Information 

Please note that this is not an in-person training session or a one to one style online training format thus there are no check-ins. However, if you would like to undergo direct training from me please email me at str8flexin31@gmail.com for more information.

Due to this being an instant download there are no refunds given on this product.